What’s going on with Labour and Lib Dem MPs on Scottish independence?

So far the only MP from the 3 big parties who has declared support for Scottish independence is soon-to-retire Labour MP, George Mudie (see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-27737476).  Once the reality of a possible “Yes” vote sunk in, the parties swung into action to support the Better Together campaign.  But I would love to know the thoughts of Labour and Lib Dems MPs now.  In my case, it took a little while for the pro-indy position to sink in.  It’s pretty clear now how reasonable it is, but at first, I fought against it. 

Both Labour and Lib Dems have long and noble traditions of speaking up for peoples wishing to claim their independence. So, after some months of following the debate, do all Labour and Lib Dem MPs – bar Mr Mudie – still passionately believe in the union?  Even the Scottish MPs from those parties?  Have their ideas on the issues not developed or changed?  Do some of them perhaps privately now feel that they backed the wrong horse and it would be a loss of face to admit it now?  Mr Mudie waited until he announced his retirement before admitting his support for independence.  Does this suggest that free debate among Labour MPs on independence is not encouraged?  

It would be great if individual MPs from Labour and the Lib Dems could let us know where they stand now.   


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