Sending a “love letter” north of the border

Last week, the London Evening Standard hosted a debate in London on Scottish independence between prominent “Yes” and “No”-sayers. Labour peer, Dame Helena Kennedy, for the “No” side, was quoted as saying that we English must send a “love letter” north of the border if we want to save the union. See

I am not sure if anyone in England has got round to doing this yet but if it’s not too late, I’d like to make a contribution. To make it easier for everyone down south to do this, I have produced a one-size-fits-all template letter which can be tailored to individual tastes. It can be used by English people who sympathise with “Yes”, with “No” or who don’t know. Scottish posties – get ready for a deluge. Here it is:

“Dear People of Scotland,

I love Scotland because :

[*choose all which apply]

• I like Irn Bru
• I like whisky
• I love walking in the Highlands
• I play Grand Theft Auto
• I enjoy the Beano and the Dandy
• I support Andy Murray
• I eat salmon
• I like Tunnocks tea cakes
• I use North Sea oil
• I enjoy the Edinburgh festival
• I take money out of RBS cash machines
• I eat shortbread
• I like Rennie Mackintosh furniture
• I believe in the Loch Ness monster
• I like Scottish folk music
• I have family and friends in Scotland
• We have close business links
• We have close academic links
• We have a long shared history
[Feel free to add more]

In the event of Scottish independence, [*delete as appropriate]

* my appreciation of all things Scottish and my relationships with the people of Scotland will end. It is therefore better for Scotland to stay in the UK. Scotland – please don’t go.
* I will be guided by our political leaders in Westminster as to how this will change my relationship with Scotland. Scotland – I’ll let you know the details after the referendum, but at the moment, it’s not looking good if you go.
* I will look seriously into the reasons why Scotland wanted to become independent and the consequences for England and Scotland of independence. Scotland – I am sorry I won’t get round to this any sooner but I have an open mind as to whether you go or not.
* I will continue to love Scotland for the same reasons as before. Scotland – I wish you well.

Yours faithfully

[Insert name]”


6 thoughts on “Sending a “love letter” north of the border

  1. You forgot Tunnock’s chocolate-covered wafers, the ones with blue-and-gold striped wrappers. Mum used to buy them for me and my bruv when we were bairns, and we loved ’em.

  2. Loving your blog James. Thanks for the support it really means a lot. The constant vilification in the press and by political parties who should know better of people in Scotland who want self determination is quite hurtful and gets wearing. Such a relief to see there are people in the rest of the UK get what we’re trying to do. Yours in solidarity

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