Starting a “National Conversation” in England about Scottish independence issues

A big thank you to everyone who read my post a few days ago in which I replied to Eddie Izzard et al on their appeal to Scots to vote “no”.  Amazingly, I have now had almost 25,000 views of this blog, mostly of the post I mentioned. I’ve been “Freshly Pressed”,and the article has been re-tweeted and re-blogged across the blogosphere.  

An even bigger thanks to people who have left comments. I read them all even if I didn’t reply to every one.  It was lovely to have such positive feedback from so many people in Scotland.  I knew it before, but it’s increased my conviction that people in Scotland do want their nation to be good neighbours with England – for them, the referendum is not about saying goodbye to England. 

I want to capitalise on the sudden interest in this blog  by starting a new blog called English National Conversation.  It’s here:

The front page explains it, but briefly, I’d like the people of England to have a conversation among ourselves about the referendum issues and what they mean to us, specifically in England.  I don’t think people in England do this enough.  We are used to doing our English “thing” mainly as part of the UK – except perhaps when it comes to football and rugby.  

Scotland has been having its own national conversation about the referendum issues and the increase in political awareness of Scottish people has been tremendous.  We’re slower off the mark in England because we won’t have a vote.  But we’re now waking up to the real possibility of an independent Scotland  – and feelings and opinions are rising up. We’re having to think about our national identity and what independence for Scotland might mean for us.

So if you’re interested, please have a look.  Comments appreciated.  This site here is still open to everyone so I am not ignoring you Scots! 


5 thoughts on “Starting a “National Conversation” in England about Scottish independence issues

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  2. Sorry that I have taken so long to deal with this – it arrived in my spam folder – and I’ve only just noticed. I saw you’ve sent it several times. I think Spinningwithdifficulty is getting a pounding on this blog and I have not published some other responses to him. Some of your comments are a bit personal about him. Is it OK if you email him direct? Hope you appreciate my position.

  3. Of course no problems – I was thinking there was perhaps an issue at my end.

    What comments in particular as I thought I was being quite polite.

    Once it is only taken from the @Spinningwithdifficulty part the tone and conversation is polite enough though in disagreement with his comments.

  4. The Scottish independence referendum is legal.

    ‘Spinning with Difficulty’ thinks not – I disagree with this statement.

    The Edinburgh agreement makes it fully legal.
    It is nothing to do with the ‘break up’ of the UK it is solely about Scottish independence – England’s opinion on this matter is completely and totally irrelevant – sorry but this is simply just not about ‘you’ or the now long dead British empire – you will need to get over this hang up about everything in the world being in relation to England. It simply isn’t.

    As far as the EU membership issue is concerned – which seems to be S.w.D’s main concern, rather than what is actually best for the Scottish electorate voting in this independence referendum.

    Article 48 of the EU treaties –

    However, Scotland would be “exempt” from the process as it is already a signatory to core requirements for nation states in areas as such employment rights and equality legislation because of its 40-year membership of the EU as part of the UK. European Union chiefs are also thought to be angered by the prospect of the UK voting on an EU exit in the referendum planned by David Cameron and view Scotland’s desire to be a member favourably, an EU source confirmed.

    source –

    As for S.w.D’s comments on an independent Scotlands economy – S.w.D states that it will ‘nosedive’ – well S.w.D’s obviously thinks that he/she knows far better than the likes of Sir/Professor Jim Mirrlees and Professors Joe Stiglitz, Andrew Hughes Hallett & Frances Ruane. Only four of the top financial experts in the world – but S.w.D claims he/she knows better – well let me know your sources please S.w.D, so that I can compare findings. I will not be in the least bit surprised if I will not change my opinion after having looked at your sources of information, though I will still be happy to have a read as S.w.D seems certain of his/her ground on this point so it must be from some very good source I would imagine.

    These are all raw source references.

    As far as bank bail out arguments from the No side –

    Barclays were bailed out to the tune of 553 BILLION.

    Now RBS and LBG/HBoS were a combined total of approx 68 Billion. Only 10% of this debt was situated in Scotland the vast majority was from the city of London.

    Now I will leave S.w.D to work out for her/his self as to why it was in the US Federal Reserve Banks best interest to bail out a UK/British/English Bank to the vast sum of over 553 Billion.

    As for the rest of S.w.D’s EU conspiracy to break up the UK – well I don’t buy into that for a single minute, considering that it may well end up being that an independent Scotland would still not opt for joining the EU and go for the EFTA option instead.

    Besides who knows what the political landscape will look like in Scotland after a successful Yes vote for independence – the SNP may not even be around for the first independent Scottish elections in 2016.

    I could pull the remainder of S.w.D’s argument apart but I cannot be bothered doing so as I have already provided enough raw sources of reference to highlight the flaws in S.w.D’s post for all to see.

    Hopefully this should be sufficient to start off a few independence related issues being discussed further on this thread.

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