Goodwill messages from England to Scotland

Today’s post is a short and simple one.  I thought it would be nice for people in England to send brief, personal messages of goodwill to the people of Scotland as they prepare for the referendum. You can do this here by leaving a comment in response to this article.  If there are enough responses, I’ll collect them and write another article about them. 

If you are in England and don’t feel goodwill towards the people of Scotland because of the prospect of independence, then it’s good to talk too.  I’m up for a respectful dialogue with you.   I’ve copied this post onto my other blog So if you are in this category, please leave a message on that blog rather than this one.

Thanks for reading.   

Here’s my message for Scotland:

“I’ve learnt a lot from following the debate and am excited for you.  If there is a Yes majority, I look forward to continuing good relations between our countries – hopefully even better than they are now.  Wishing you the best in the referendum.  James (Birmingham)”


3 thoughts on “Goodwill messages from England to Scotland

  1. Thank you, James. I hope this is going to be the beginning of a new and productive relationship between our two nations, following our own paths in the world but working closely where doing so is in our mutual interests. In other words a normal, healthy relationship built on mutual respect.

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