Check out my new blog header image!

I’ve updated my blog today with a header made up of the national flags of the countries of Great Britain and the Union Jack.  I hope you can see it above this text.  I think my point is obvious enough.  I’d love to know what you think of it.  I am thinking of selling car and window stickers with the image, either to break even or make a modest profit.  Any takers?


3 thoughts on “Check out my new blog header image!

  1. Maybe you should refer to the ‘United’ Kingdom instead of Great Britain, as GB is a geographical entity, and the main part of the ‘U’K. Sorry to be a bit pedantic, but other than that, it’s a great idea. Mind you, people displaying such images here in England had better have shatter-proof glass, to protect their property from BNP-type numpties.

    • Thanks for this. I didn’t want to bring N Ireland into it but I suppose you are right. I can just replace Great Britain with UK and keep the other 3 flags. I was wondering about smashed windows too though I have a Yes Scotland car sticker and no-one has smashed it yet.

  2. Love your new header,definite visual impact.

    Bob,you’re wrong.GB does not describe the island,it is the name given to the union of Scotland and England.Effectively,and theoretically,eradicating both entities and creating the construct GB.
    The geographical term for this archipelago is,The British Isles.
    UK is the definition of the monarchs realm and as such will still be used to describe England and Scotland after the YES vote.

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